Often known as "we,” "us," or "Chabikathi,” Welcome to We are an online business hub, and these are the terms and conditions that track Chabikathi's entry and usability in addition to its associated sub-areas, destinations, portable application, administrations, and workstations (the "Website"). You hereby accept these terms and conditions (including associated data) and accept that you agree to comply with these terms and conditions by using the website (the "Client Agreement"). This User Agreement is considered to be effective upon your use of the Website, reflecting your acceptance of these terms. Please do not log in, register, or use this website if you do not want to be bound by this User Agreement.

The Platform preserves whatever authority is required to modify, alter, add or delete bits of these Terms and Conditions whenever there is no prior notice. When posted on the site with no other notice given, changes will be effective. If there is not too much difficulty, usually, review these terms and conditions for refreshments. After submitting changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use, you resume using the Web to determine your acknowledgment of those changes.



We may need you to make a record with us or give individual data to finish making a record in order to get to specific administrations provided by the phase. We may, without providing any reason or prior notice, nullify the username as well as password whenever in our sole and absolute watchfulness and will not be at risk or responsible for any misfortunes caused by, induced by, occurring out of, regarding, or due to such request or negation.

Any arrangement between us, whether for the utilization of the site or in connection with the purchase through the site of services or administrations will be represented by the laws of Bangladesh and all meetings will be submitted to the Bangladeshi Courts without restriction.

You are responsible for preserving your client's classification of recognizable facts, passwords, subtleties of the account, and related private data. You agree to accept this responsibility and ensure that your record and its related subtleties are continually preserved safely and every important step is taken to prevent your record from being violated.You should inform us immediately on the off chance that you have some cause to agree that some other person has become aware of your secret term, or whether the secret word is or is likely to be used in an unapproved manner. You agree to be bound by any access to the Site and by any administration provided by the Site (regardless of whether such access or use are approved by you or not). You accept that in view of this we would be entitled yet not obligated to follow up on, depend on or consider you to be solely capable and subject as though the equivalent were performed or transmitted by you. You further accept and understand that you will be bound by and consent to entirely reimburse us through your record against any misfortunes resulting from the use of or access to the Website.

We claim all authority to decline access to the Site, end records, evacuate, or alter the content. We may whenever in our sole and total carefulness, demand that you update your Personal Data. You thusly consent to change your secret key now and again and to keep your record secure. You will be answerable for the privacy of your record and obligated for any revelation or use (regardless of whether such use is approved or not) of the username and additionally secret key.


We only recognize the name of the holder of a Chabikathi account as the owner of the product(s) that was ordered from the respective Chabikathi account and the customer. No changes to the name of the owner should be requested during the distribution of the goods (— for example: Motor Bike/Car, etc.)

If they believe it must be executed so, Chabikathi retains all sorts of power to suspend/withdraw /shutdown /reactivate your account(s). If your account is blocked/banned, Chabikathi is not expected to provide the balance amount (of cashback) to you. In a fair time span, any kind of balance paid by you through Bkash/bank/cash will be refunded to you. Please note that the estimate of your total payment vs. the cashback you got and used can depend on it.


You should not use or access the Site to intervene, damage, or disable in any capacity at all that causes or is likely to cause, the Site or access to it. You should not engage in or access to exercises that could damage or potentially harm the Site, its staff, leaders, delegates, collaborators, or any other assembly legitimately or in a roundabout manner linked to the Site to be intruded, harmed, or weakened in any ability. You understand that for any single electronic communication and substance sent from your PC to us, you, and not us, are liable and you can use the Platform for legal purposes as it were. You are carefully prohibited from accessing the platform. will not be subject to any misfortune or harm resulting from the use of any of the data contained in any of the materials on this site by any user.


Anything that you send or probably give to us on the Website, including but not limited to, inquiries, audits, remarks, and proposals ('Entries' in general), will become our exclusive and selective property and will not be returned to you. Notwithstanding the privileges applicable to any Submission, when you send comments or surveys on the Web, you also grant us the privilege to use the name you submit concerning any audit, observation, or other content. You would not use a fake email address, pretend to be anyone other than yourself, or typically misdirect us or outsiders as to the cause of any submissions. We can, but will not be committed to, expel, or alter any submissions in such a way without notice or legal course acceptable to us.

5.Objectionable Contents

On the off chance that you agree that any content on the Website is illegal, hostile (counting but not limited to material that is directly communicated or advances bigotry, bias, scorn or physical mischief), beguiling, deluding, harsh, profane, annoying, impious, slanderous, disgusting, revolting, lewd, pedophile or threatening; ethnically ambiguous, critical;or is generally harmful to outsiders; or recognizes or encourages tax evasion or betting; or is harmful to minors in some capacity; or imitates someone else or undermines Bangladesh's solidarity, trustworthiness, protection or sway or cordial ties with remote States; or is in any way shocking or generally unlawful; or involves or contains programming infections (''frightful substance''). Please tell us quickly by following by keeping in touch with us on legal  In a fair measure of time, we will make every single helpful undertaking to inspect and evacuate significant offensive material gripped within.

6.Infringing Contents

In the off chance that you agree that your approved innovation rights have been used in such a way that offers to rise to concerns of invasion if it is not too much trouble to illuminate us and we will try every single coherent effort to resolve your complaint within a reasonable measure of time.It would be ideal if you ensure that you include your name, address, contact information, and the same number of specific case subtleties, including the name of the list of invasions, instances of invasion, and among others the verification of invasion.

Although we do not offer legitimate advice or exchange private data as guaranteed by the law, we recommend that any inquiries or complaints regarding your rights should be directed to legitimate authority.Since the execution of these understandings is a problem between the manufacturer, the wholesaler, and a specific affiliate, it would not be acceptable for us to assist in approving such exercises.

7. Indemnity

You will reimburse and keep harmless Chabikathi, its auxiliaries, offshoots, and their relevant officials, administrators, operators, and members, from any case or order, or actions, including legal lawyer's expenses, made by any outsider or penalty forced due to or arising from your violation of these Terms and Conditions or any record attached by reference, or your breach of a reference 

Therefore, you specifically discharge Chabikathi as owned by offshoots as well as any of its officials and delegates from any expense, injury, duty, or other consequence of any of the merchants' or other specialist co-ops' activities/inactions and explicitly waive any cases or demands that you may have under any resolution, contract, or anything else for this benefit.

8. Losses

We will not be responsible for any company or individual misfortunes (counting, anyway not restricted to reduced benefits, sales, deals, anticipated investment funds, data, altruism, or squandered consumption) or any other backhanded or weighty misfortune that is not sensibly evident to both you and us when you started using the Website.


We preserve all ability to alter the Platform, its strategies, these terms and conditions and any other requirement or administration guarantee freely seen anytime. At the time you use the Platform, you will be reliant on the methods and terms and conditions in power except if any adjustment to those strategies or conditions is needed to be made by law or government expert (in which case it will apply to orders recently set by you). In the event that any of these conditions is found null, void, or in any way, unenforceable in nature or form, the condition will be considered severable and will not affect any outstanding condition's validity and enforceability.

10. Waiver

You understand and recognize that we are a private business enterprise and hold all authority to guide the organization to achieve our objectives in a manner that we deem fit. In addition, you agree that we are still eligible to use our rights and cures in any other situation where you violate these conditions in the event that you break the conditions expressed on our platform and we make no move.


In accordance with the laws of The People's Republic of Bangladesh, these terms and conditions are administered and interpreted. You affirm that the courts, councils, and additionally semi-legal entities located in Dhaka, Bangladesh will have the prohibitive supremacy on any question occurring inside Bangladesh under this Agreement


Chabikathi is not responsible for offering any other deals from any dealer/importer/seller at any other locations/sites except for Chabikathi. You can only query /ask/request or check for details on the offers provided/declared by Chabikathi.

During promotional deals, one customer would have the option to purchase one item (* if not allowed and multiple quantities announced by chabikathi).

Customers can not claim to withdraw any sort of cashback in any other form  (e.g. by bkash, bank, or money) other than the balance on Chabikathi.


All costs are registered in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) and are VAT-complete and are documented on the website by the retailer selling the item or administration. Items in your grocery cart will continuously represent the most recent value shown on the item information page of the item. If it's not too much hassle, remember that when you previously put it in your wheel, this price will differ from the value that appeared for the thing. The worth that appeared around then isn't saved by putting a thing in your wheel. It is also possible that the cost of a thing can decrease between the time you put it in your bin and the time you purchase it.

For any products sold by any merchant on our website or separate pages, we do not provide value synchronization.

We are determined to provide our customers with the most accurate measurement data on the Website; be that as it may, blunders may occur at present, for instance, situations where the cost of a thing is not effectively displayed on the Site. In that capacity, we retain all the power to not request or drop any demand. If a thing is mispriced, we can either contact you for guidelines or drop your request at our own hands and inform you of such a crossing out. We will reserve the option to can't or cancel all such requests whether the request has been affirmed and your prepayment treated. On the off chance that such a withdrawal occurs on your prepaid order, our discount methods would apply. Notice that Chabikathi has 100 percent right on the discount amount if it's not too much trouble. In general, the discount amount is calculated based on the expense followed by the customer in the aftermath of deducting some kind of markdown and delivery fee.

For items reported on the Web, we list accessibility information, remembering for each page of item details. We can not be increasingly clear about accessibility after what we mention on that page or generally on the website. If you remember that dispatch dials are just that, it would be optimal. They are not guaranteed dispatch times and should not be depended on in that capacity. As we process your application, if any things you request end up being unavailable, you will be informed via email or SMS.

If you remember that there are occasions where a request can not be prepared for various purposes, it would be perfect. The Platform holds whatever authority is required at any random time to not want or drop any request in some way, shape, or type. Before we approve the request, you could be approached to provide additional clarification or details, including but not limited to telephone numbers and addresses.

In order to keep away from any exploitation with a credit or check card, before supplying you with the product, we retain whatever authority is required to obtain approval of your installment subtleties and to validate the individual data you gave us. The identity of a character, place of residence, or banking data search can be extracted from this confirmation. Naturally, the non-appearance of a response following such a request would cause the request to be wiped out within a fair timetable. In order to continue coordinating the cancellation of a request for which we assume the risk of false use of banking instruments or various reasons without prior notice or any corresponding legal duty, we retain whatever authority is needed.

Whether there are any errors found with reference to the pricing of any product (e.g. overpriced than the MRP or cheaper price than the MRP) and if the retailer offers the mispriced product even after the customer has notified it and if any changes are not made by the seller even after the customer has notified it the seller will be solely legally liable.

14. Security and Fraud

If you use a voucher, you warrant to Chabikathi that you are the voucher's moderately permitted receiver and that you use it in accordance with common courtesy.
If you recover, try to retrieve, or encourage the recovery of vouchers to receive limits to which you are not obligated, you may commit a common or criminal violation.
We may refuse or drop any voucher/request if we sensibly acknowledge that any voucher is used illegally or unlawfully, and you agree that you would have no case against us with respect to any dismissal or crossing out. Chabikathi  retains whatever authority is necessary to make any further step that it considers acceptable in such cases

15. Mass Purchasing

Chabikathi sites are, as they were, open for non-business and commercial operation. During the off chance that we trust you are demanding our goods for the company or other re-deal purposes, we retain every power to deny or cross out your submission. In order to ensure stock accessibility, we attach breaking points to some of our products so that our products can be purchased regardless of the number of our customers as might be expected under the conditions.

16. Reselling Our Products

It is strictly forbidden to resell Chabikathi items for company purposes. If any unauthorized staff is found to have committed the act related to the above, legal action can be taken against them. If any order to cash out the paid amount is identified and confirmed, legal action can be taken against him/her. If any seller purchases (as a customer) using cashback or any other balance from their own store, it will be regarded as a misuse of the above act. In that case, the seller (as a seller account) and the customer (as a customer account) will be bound to oblige chabikathi to take the decision and could take legal action.

17. Delivery Timeline
It may take longer than the standard time period for the delivery to be proceeded by Chabikathi. The delivery timeline is subject to estimate only and please consider the announced timeframe as working days and measure it. Depending on the conditions, it could differ. Due to mass events like but not limited to, political strife, public issue, national/public holidays/official holidays, etc., the delivery may be delayed

18. Returns Policy
If your product at the hour of transportation is defective/harmed or erroneous/deficient, please contact us within the applicable return window if you don't mind. Your product may qualify for a discount or substitute depending on the class and condition of the product.

Make sure that if the product is "Never again required" a few items are not eligible for arrival.

We will refer you to the brand guarantee emphasis for product-related issues after usage or the lapse of the arrival window (if relevant).

Keep in mind that you should keep adequate documents and evidence of your return/refund claim and be able to supply it (i.e. unboxing video, receiving invoice, etc.).

19. Cancellation

Chabikathi reserves the incompetent authority to decline any order at its absolute discretion due to dispatch and for any cause whatsoever which may include, but is not restricted to, mispriced, out-of-stock, outdated, faulty, malfunctioning and containing inaccurate information or explanation arising out of, or for any other cause, a technical or syntactical defect.


In the event of any termination of any order(s) under certain circumstances, the money charged will first be repaid as the appraisal account of the clients. Customers need to submit a refund category problem and should mention their preferred form of refund (— for example, bkash/bank) along with information (bkash personal number, bank account details)

If the order is canceled, the consumer is debited with his/her principal amount and ineligible for any kind of offers or cashback relevant to the specific order.

Based on the payment system server provider's clauses, the refund process can take up to 30 working days or more. The refund will be provided within the same payment process, i.e. the consumer will be repaid via Bkash if the consumer pays through Bkash. It is not possible to refund the customer through any other trading platforms. But Chabikathi maintains the right and has the right to consider/reconsider refunds to make the refund method quicker or to make it simpler for the consumer through another versatile interface(s).

In the event of refunds, the individual will not be liable for any additional cashback/bonus against his principal amount. Chabikathi is not obligated to reimburse the refunded amount for any form of the service fee or expense.

21. Warrenties and Delegation

We do not portray or guarantee the quality of the products offered on the website. We may not accept or embrace the arrangement or acquisition of any items or administrations clearly or indirectly. We are not responsible for any failure to conduct or breach any arrangement entered into between you and the merchants. We are not allowed to intercede or address any discussion or contradiction that emerges from exchanges on our website.

During any trade with an outsider on our Website, we do not obtain title to or have any rights or claims over the products or administrations sold by a dealer at any time during any exchange. We have no obligations or liability in relation to such contract(s) between you and the seller in this manner (s). We are not liable for administrations being executed inadmissibly or delayed.

22. Manufacturer Warranties

For more details, if you would like a duplicate of the manufacturer's warranty for a product found on, you can contact the manufacturer individually or check their site.

In all situations, the manufacturer's warranty does not occur, depending on factors such as the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or from whom you bought the product. Please check the warranty properly, and contact the manufacturer if you have any queries.

You claim that the product(s) or service(s) requested by you are received for your internal/individual use and not for re-dealing with the company. For your profit, you agree to us declaring and giving a statement to any legislative expert expressing the above explanation for your requests on the Web. The Dealer or the Website can drop a request whereby the amounts exceed the singular usage of the system cycle. This refers both to the number of products requested within a single request and to the positioning of a few requests for a similar item where the individual requests contain a quantity that exceeds the singular usage of the mill run. What entails a run of the utilization quantity limit of the mill person will be dependent on various components and the sole watchfulness of the seller or our own and can fluctuate from individual to individual.

If you don't mind, remember that we sell stuff only in quantities relevant to a typical family's running of the business needs. This refers both to the number of items submitted for a single request and to the placement of a few requests for a particular item where a run of the mill for an ordinary family unit is included in the individual requests. When you audit our Refund Policy, it will be perfect.